How To Find Good Employees: 7 Useful Tips

by Caitlin Terreblanche in Candidate Search Tips 03/04/2017 1 comment

The struggle is real. Although the unemployment rate is high, it’s often a struggle to find good employees; dedicated, hard-working, skilled employees who are both passionate about what they do and motivated to better themselves on a daily basis. If you’re currently on the lookout for good employees who will perfectly fit the role and fit in with the company culture, you may want to have a look at the following 7 useful tips to finding the perfect fit:

1. Write down a list of preferred qualities

Before attempting to find the right candidate for the job, it’s important to have an idea of exactly what it is you’re looking for. Write down a few qualities needed by the prospective candidate in order to narrow down your choices. This way, it’ll be easier to search through the masses to find ‘the one’.

2. Define the job specs clearly

The more clear you are on what’s required of a candidate, the better quality CVs you’ll receive. Quality candidates know what they’re capable of and where they’re headed whereas the average candidate will fill out a few applications for different positions in the hopes of landing an interview; even if they’re unqualified. Also, take into consideration that some candidates may not have qualifications on paper, but have the correct experience levels to be an excellent employee.

3. Find a reputable recruitment agency

One of the best ways of finding good employees happen to be through a recruitment agency. Not only have they been delivering this type of service for years (hopefully), they know exactly how to go about it to achieve the best results. Unless you have an experienced HR department solely dedicated to sifting through CVs, you’ll be better off hiring experts to find the best candidate for the job.

4. Look for passion

Without passion, you may as well throw your money down the drain. Finding a passionate employee who will challenge their own skills can be hard to find, simply because they’re so rare to come across. They’re more valuable than you may think. Passionate employees can take your business to the next level. So when you do find one, hold onto him/her.

5. Check references

It’s important to understand where the prospective employee came from before hiring them. Apart from hiring someone who may be toxic to other employees in the office, you also want to ensure that they’ll fit in with your company culture. Remember, there are always two sides to a story. The candidate may have legitimate reasons for leaving their current position that the employer may not want to disclose or you could be dealing with a candidate who lacks commitment.

6. Offer incentives

Quality candidates know their worth. Thus, it’s important to accommodate their needs in order to win them over; especially if they come from a company that offered incentives before you. Incentives can be in the form of medical aid or even flexible working hours. The important part is figuring out their level of worth to your company.

7. Present an attractive workplace

Remember, good employees are those who work hard, approach their career with passion, and have a mindset of changing the world. They’re willing to give as much of themselves as required, so it’s important to offer an attractive workplace; not only to attract them but to keep them. Good employees will find other opportunities if they don’t feel a lack of commitment from you as the employer.

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