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For Employers: Important Job Recruitment Tips To Remember

by Caitlin Terreblanche in Candidate Search Tips 24/05/2017 1 comment

Finding hard working employees with matching qualifications can be hard to find these days; not to mention having to sift through hundreds of CV’s trying to find one without spelling mistakes or a horrible layout. We get it.

As an employer, you need to ensure that you have the right people by your side in order to take your business to the next level; avoiding a high turnover rate which can potentially damage your reputation. Thus, it’s no surprise than many large corporations and businesses are turning towards reputable recruitment agencies to do the hard work for them, because let’s face it, finding the perfect candidate is a job all on its own.

It is, however, important to remember that with employing a recruitment agency to fill a job opening for you, there are certain job recruitment tips to remember:

1. Provide your recruiter with all the necessary information needed

In order for the recruitment agency to find the perfect candidate to fill the advertised position, s/he needs to know everything about the available opening. This will not only help the recruiter to find candidates with the correct qualifications and experience, it’ll also give them the opportunity to accurately represent your company. Remember, in order for the recruiter to deliver “quality work”, the employer needs to be open and willing to share as much information as possible.


2. Explain your company culture accurately

Often, recruiters may find candidates that fit the correct criteria as far as qualifications and experiences are concerned, only to place them in an environment where they completely do not fit into. Thus, in order for the recruiter to find a candidate that will not only be able to do the job well but fit into your company “feel”, you need to explain your company culture in full.


3. Avoid recruitment hopping during the process

Partner with a reputable recruitment agency in order to avoid casting the line too wide only to miss the biggest fish due to an oversized reach. This will also give you the opportunity to work one on one with a recruiter and push for faster results; potentially saving you money in the long run.


4. Get to know the red flags of bad recruitment agencies

Although you don’t need to know every aspect of recruitment agency practices, it’s important to keep an eye open for habits which are unethical and downright annoying; such as sending a candidate’s details before finding out from the candidate in question whether s/he is even interested in partnering with your company.


5. Never circumvent your recruiter

Not only is this unethical and will result in your company receiving a bad reputation, it can result in the recruitment agency having proper grounds to sue you. Meaning, if you decide to hire a recruitment agency to find possible candidates for you, depending on the agreement between agency and client, there may be a time period in which you have to pay the recruitment agency if you hire a candidate they presented within the time frame. Never use a recruitment agency to improve your own database.


6. See your recruiter as your best professional friend

It’s important to get to know your recruiter, ensuring that you have the same values in order to achieve maximum success during the recruitment process. Remember, recruiters are there to help your business grow by finding candidates who will be able to successfully fill advertised positions. It may take a while to do so or, due to years of building a database, can happen overnight. Work with them and they’ll have your best interests at heart.

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