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7 Useful Unconventional Methods For Landing Your Dream Job Opportunity

by Caitlin Terreblanche in Candidate Search Tips, How to Find a Job, Job Search Tips 25/05/2017 0 comments

As a new job seeker, you may be tempted to follow the cookie cutter recipe that so many describe. Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the conventional method of finding a job. We’re told to show up ahead of time, dress to impress, have a well-polished CV, follow proper job interview etiquette etc. Those are all excellent tips to follow, however, if you do plan on standing out from the crowd, you may want to consider adding a few conventional (but smart) methods of finding your dream job.

Remember, most of the highly successful individuals that you may look up to never reached their specific position by following a cookie cutter recipe. They each have their own unique story. So why shouldn’t you?

Here are 7 useful conventional methods for landing your dream job:

1. Create your dream position

It may be a great tactic to study a company you really admire. In fact, one you’d like to work for; a company that lacks skills you may be able to offer. Don’t sit around and wait for your dream position to open up at that specific company. Draft a plan to integrate your service into their business model and send it directly to the person in charge; without expecting anything in return. You may be surprised at how effective it is to offer someone a solution to something they didn’t know they lacked.

2. Start at the top

When applying for a publically advertised position, the chances of your application falling through the cracks are pretty high. So, instead of doing what everyone else is doing, go straight to the top and work your way down if that strategy doesn’t work. Send your application to the decision maker; respectfully.

3. Think long term when applying for a job

Entry-level jobs are rarely something to write home about. In fact, most are quite tedious and certainly far from glamorous. However, don’t let that stop you from applying for an entry-level job at a company where you’d really like to work at. It’s important, when you don’t have much experience in your field, to think long-term. Think about the job you’d like to have in a few years and go to the interview as if you’re applying for that position. Hard work does pay off.

4. Build valuable relationships

The CEO’s secretary or personal assistant will be your go-to person. She’s the one standing between you and the boss. She’s his right-hand woman and he values her opinion; most of the time. So although it’s important to create relationships on all levels, it’s extremely important to ensure a trusted relationship with the one person that can get you the interview or simply turn you away.

5. Don’t be too eager to apply for a job

Finding your dream job online may be the best thing that’s happened to you in a while. Your first instinct is to apply for it right away; not to miss a moment. However, it’s the last thing you should do. Do your research first. Learn more about the company, who’s in charge, the skills they lack, and how you can benefit them. Then, go straight to the person in charge and apply for the position.

6. Become a fan

Enthusiastic employees are your best marketing tool, so be the aspiring employee who loves the company; even before you’re even hired. Become the company’s biggest fan and advocate, but make sure they know of you by joining a public forum or making yourself known on social media.

7. Don’t leave your eggs in one basket

Lastly, don’t stick with one method of finding employment. The more avenues you explore, the better your chances are of finding your dream job. So, as great as it is of doing your own research online and exploring social media, it’s also useful finding a recruitment agency to help in your search.

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