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What NOT To Wear To a Job Interview: 7 Fatal Mistakes

by Caitlin Terreblanche in Interview Tips 25/05/2017 0 comments

When it comes to choosing your job interview outfit, it’s absolutely vital that you make the right fashion choices in order to leave a lasting impression for all the right reasons. As much as we’d like to deny it, first impressions really do count. Unfortunately, the wrong job interview outfit will completely diminish your qualifications and experiences; costing you an employment opportunity.

In order to avoid this fatal mistake, pay close attention to the following 7 job interview outfit no-no’s; especially in a corporate setting:

1. Flip-flops

Although this tip may seem quite obvious, there are some individuals in certain parts of the country who would consider wearing flip-flops to an interview. Not only is this highly inappropriate and extremely distracting, it’s also borderline gross to see a stranger’s toes in a corporate setting. Instead, opt for dressy shoes that you’ve shined once or twice. Put your right foot forward, and impress your interviewer with sophisticated taste.


2. Too much scent

There’s a fine line between not being able to smell any perfume or cologne on you and nuking the entire room. It’s important to note that some perfumes are created to deliver a long lasting scent even if you can’t smell much of it on yourself. Chances are, everyone else around you can. Spray a little bit of scent on each wrist and let it be. Don’t overdo it, especially for a job interview.


3. Deep v-formed blouse

Depending on the setting, you’re going to want to wear a blazer, in which you’re going to have to wear something underneath. Avoid, at all costs, wearing a deep v-neck blouse which can result in showing too much skin to those who shouldn’t see more than your collar bone, at the most. Not only is it distracting, it could greatly affect your chances of being considered for the job as well as the salary offered.


4. Headphones

Let’s face it, job interviews can be quite nerve wracking. Some of us chew gum, others sing. There are quite a few individuals who enjoy listening to music on their way to the most important hour yet. However, before entering the premises, remove your headphones and place them in your handbag/”man bag”. Never enter the interview with headphones. You could end up leaving very disappointed without an offer for a second interview.


5. Novelty tie

As much as may think that your holiday tie will break the ice, it’s a big no-no in a corporate setting. Unfortunately, as fun as it may be, corporate tends to be a little bit more serious. Yes, you could have a humorous personality, but it’s best to keep it at the occasional joke instead of your outfit choice.


6. Bold makeup

When going for a corporate job interview, or any interview for that matter, always choose the natural look over bright and bold lipstick. Interviewers want to be able to see your face instead of being distracted with what you’ve done to it. Not only will this put you in a lower income bracket when discussing your salary expectations, you may not even make it to the second interview.


7. Excessive jewellery

Avoid wearing big hoops and an arm full of bangles when attending a job interview. Too much “bling” will leave you looking a little bit ‘cheap’ and completely inappropriate for a corporate interview. Instead, wear a pretty necklace matching your outfit, an expensive watch, and stud earrings to bring your face to life. Any more than that and you’ll come across as overdone.

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