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Career Tips: 10 Signs It’s Time For a Change

by Caitlin Terreblanche in Job Search Tips 07/06/2017 0 comments

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re already at the stage where you’re considering sending out your CV for better career opportunities. It happens. Whether you’ve been dedicated to one specific company for years or you find yourself in a situation where staying with your current company has exceeded your one-year goal, you’re leaning towards greener pastures in the hopes of growing your career and finding new challenges along the way.

If you’re on the fence about whether you should stay or spread your wings, keep the following 10 signs in mind:

1. You dread getting up in the morning

It’s okay to feel like this every once in a while, but if your typical morning starts with wishing you could stay at home, it’s a problem. You shouldn’t dread going to work every single day. In fact, it should excite you and make you feel delighted that you get to do what you do every day.


2. You seem to avoid going to bed at night

Going to bed early means you have to start the next day much sooner than you’d like. Again, none of us enjoys working constantly, but if you find yourself being exhausted and fighting sleep just to avoid having to get out of bed for work, it’s something you need to address soon.


3. Your passion has disappeared

If you’re someone who’s dedicated to your work and generally passionate about what you do, but you find yourself caring less about your everyday tasks, it’s a pretty good sign that you need to consider searching for a new job.


4. You don’t fit into the company culture

It’s absolutely critical that you fit into the company culture. If not, you’ll become isolated and possibly even be pushed to the side. This not only makes for a horrible work environment, your quality of work tends to decline over time.


5. You count the days until the weekend

Although this happens to most people, it becomes a serious problem when it’s a weekly habit. Remember, a week can become seriously long if you start counting the days down on Monday morning.

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6. Your stress levels affect you negatively

Stress can cause serious health issues, especially if it’s endured over an extended period of time. Once it starts affecting your physical and mental health, it’s time to reevaluate how important this job is to you.


7. You’re not getting paid enough to cover bills

One of the main reasons for us having jobs is to be able to pay for necessary everything things; such as petrol, your car, a roof over your head, and food. Of course, those extra little things add up, in which case you need to be able to cover those. However, if you make less than what you can spend on basics, you need to find another job.


8. You simply don’t like who you work for

The truth is, you’re not going to like everyone you work for or with, but if you simply can’t see yourself getting along with your boss due to ethical reasons, it may be a good time to look for a job where you’re proud to work for that particular boss.


9. You have different values than your boss

Does your boss believe in stealing from others to benefit himself or herself? Do you agree or completely lack respect for your boss due to this fact? If you find yourself having drastically different values than the company or boss you work for, do you think it’s healthy to stay?


10. Your company is about to close down

Of course, you don’t want to abandon ship if it’s only a rumour, but you do need to think about the welfare of yourself and those you support. Can you find a job that’s a little bit more established? Is it worth staying until the end when you’re retrenched? Before finding quitting your job, always be sure of this particular fact.

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