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How To Easily Find a Job

by Caitlin Terreblanche in How to Find a Job, Job Search Tips 13/06/2017 0 comments

As you may know, finding a job; especially in South Africa, is probably one of the hardest things you can attempt to do. With the unemployment rate currently at 27.7% with half of young adults unable to find work on their own, it’s no wonder that you’re trying various different methods in the hopes of finding a gem in the debris. However, there is hope.

Although you would have to put in some effort in order to find employment opportunities, here are a few tips to keep in mind for finding your dream job:

1. Improve your existing skills

It’s important to improve what you already have going for you in order to stay ahead of the competition. Thus, since you may have the extra time searching for jobs, you might as well enrol in an accredited online course aimed to improve your chances for employment. What do you have to lose?


2. Apply for an internship

If possible, it could help greatly if you apply for an internship at the company where you’d like to work. Some do offer payment, others only pay in ‘thank yous’. However, it could pay off greatly if you’re able to intern at a company you aspire to work for; possibly offering you a full-time position.


3. Join a recruitment agency

One of the most effective ways of finding a job is by sending your CV to a recruitment agency who will do all the work for you. Whilst you’re busy with work at your current company, you’re still able to get your CV out there without having to do much searching yourself.

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4. Become a network expert

It’s important to get yourself out there amongst people who may be connected to someone who’s looking for an employee. In fact, you may have a few friends who know of someone, so don’t be shy to admit that you’re in the job market. People can only help you if they know that you need help.


5. Keep an eye on social media

As most of the action is happening on social media these days, companies tend to post job openings where most of their target audience hang out. Thus, join a few recruitment agency groups on Facebook, become known by Facebook as someone who’s currently in the job search market, and make it your job to find a job by being social. It’s quite easy.

Register your CV with us in order to improve your chances for employment. Remember, “Courage and perseverance make difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.” – Unknown

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