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Can You Recognise The 7 Most Annoying People To Work With?

by Caitlin Terreblanche in Career Tips 19/06/2017 0 comments

It’s inevitable, when joining a company that you’ll come into contact with various different types of personalities from all walks of life. It’s what makes the work environment diverse and extremely interesting. However, as with everything, it does have its downside. You’ll come into contact with individuals that can make your work days seem endless and quite awful at times.

Can you recognise the following most annoying individuals to work with?

#1: The Control Freak

Does it seem like you’re never fully in control of anything? We all have that type of person in the office who simply can’t let go of any control; fearing that something will go wrong if they don’t control every aspect of what happens in and around the office. Unfortunately, those types of individuals work themselves beyond exhaustion trying to do everyone else’s work instead of just their own.

#2: The Free Loader

Then again, on the contrary, there’s always that one person who never seems to be doing anything, right? You often wonder why they’re still here. They’re forever having a smoke or coffee break and you have trouble finding them when you actually need that person. Whether they’ve taken a backseat because of a possible “Control Freak” or because they just couldn’t care less about doing actual work, you’ll most likely find a Free Loader in every office.

#3: The Crude One

Of course, there always has to be one person, usually a male, who has absolutely no filter. They can turn any comment into a crude remark which normally makes the majority of the individuals in the office quite uncomfortable. Some of his remarks are funny, unless you’ve heard them way too many times in one day.

#4: The Gossip Grandma

This particular individual is normally friends with the receptionist or s/he happens to be the receptionist. They know the ins and outs of the company; including everyone else’s personal business. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful about who you confide in, you could end up being the talk of the office simply because of “The Gossip Grandma” who simply can’t stay out of your business.

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#5: The Jokester

You can run a diverse office without having a typical “Jokester” around, right? Yes, perhaps s/he’s funny majority of the time, but they tend to be a huge distraction for those who prefer doing actual work. You’ll usually find “The Jokester” hanging out with “The Crude One”.

#6: The Diet Diva

If you’re trying to lose weight in time for summer, don’t worry, there’s always someone in the office trying out some new diet; being extremely health conscious and secretly judging what you’re eating. You’ll notice the “The Diet Diva” living off shakes and eating at least one fruit a day, with a constant flow of water on his/her desk.

#7: The Goodie Two Shoes

As probably one of the most annoying characters to work with in an office setting, “The Goodie Two Shoes” will go out of her way to please everyone; including your boss. She’ll always be the first one there and the last one to leave; taking on more responsibility because she’s in love with her job. To those who don’t live for the job, it can be quite annoying and downright aggravating.

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