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How To Manage An Employee That You Simply Don’t Like

by Caitlin Terreblanche in employee management 19/07/2017 0 comments

We often hear the endless complaints of employees who can’t seem to find common ground with their managers or even the boss. However, the shoe often fits the other foot when those in charge simply don’t like an employee. What do you do then?

As the boss or manager, you are in the position of finding new employees, but you can’t fire someone simply because you don’t like then, can you?

Remember, employee management can be tricky at times; especially if you’ve discovered something about someone that stands in between your liking for him/her. If you do find yourself in this exact position, here’s how you can manage your emotions in order to keep it professional and productive:

1. Find common ground

You don’t need to be friends with an employee you simply don’t like, but it would help to find common interests in order to find certain aspects of their personality appealing. For whatever reason, you’ve simply come to dislike someone. However, it’s important to get to know someone or find some way to like parts of them if you want to continue working in harmony. If not, you may find yourself in extremely tricky situations involving employee management fails.

2. Highlight the positives

In order to find common ground with an employee or see things in them you may like, it’s important to leave the personal stuff at the door and focus on what makes them a good employee. After all, although you do hire individuals based on their personalities and how they’ll fit into the company culture, you also hire them based on their work abilities. Observe them and figure out how they interact with other employees. It may surprise you to discover certain aspects of the person that intrigues you.

3. Be professional but brief

As a boss or manager, it is your responsibility to treat every employee fair and with respect – even if you simply don’t like them. However, no one said you should become social with them either. So if you do find yourself in a situation where you simply don’t like an employee, the best way to manage them is by being brief, cordial, and professional. Anything more than that is quite unnecessary.

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As the boss or a manager, you need to be able to manage your employees to the best of your abilities without being unprofessional. Sure, we can’t expect everyone to like one another, but it is possible to find coping mechanisms if the person you happen to dislike turns out to be a hard worker and fast learner. Although it’s impossible to like everyone all the time, it is possible to find likeable characteristics about each person in order to be able to work with them.

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